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RELATED TEXTS, ordered according to publication

> Ylva Ogland, She, an Introduction. 

(With texts by Sara Arrhenius, Nicolas Bourriaud and Sinzina Ravini, Marina Fokidis and Nicola Trezzi. Editors, Sara Arrhenius and Sofia Curman. Published by Silvana Editoriale, and Bonniers Konsthall, 2015.) 

     Reflections on the Multifaceted, Mysterious and Self-generated Domain of Ylva Ogland. By Nicola Trezzi
          > Introduction to the 10 chapters
          1 Indicator 
          > 2 Xenia 
          > 3 Father 
          > 4 Home 
          > 5 Ylva 
          > 6 The Oracle 
          > 7 Snöfrid 
          > 8 Tondo 
          > 9 Sibylla & Xenia 
          > 10 Cabinet 

     > She in Four Acts. Sara Arrhenius

     > Ritual as Activism, and Activism as Art. Marina Fokidis 

     > Beyond Mirrors, Peeping Holes, and Hidden Messages. Sinziana Ravini and Nicolas Bourriaud

> Turning Reality Into Mythology 

(text by Marcel Janco, published in Bukowskis Catalogue, 2010) 

The Oracle, talks to Laura Allsop
(Interview by Laura Allsop, with Snöfrid and the Oracle, Tank Magazine, 10th anniversary issue, 2008)