Ritual Two - Act of Conjuring Forth Snöfrid
2015, Castello Malaspina

Ritual Two - Act of Conjuring Forth Snöfrid: 
Everyone waited in the court yard. Angelo rung the bell. He showed them in to the great hall that had frescos of the Malaspina family and Dante covering the walls. Everyone had a throne like chair to sit on along the walls. The wooden peacock was placed in the middle of the room in front of it on the floor the red painted stripes were placed. on the right hand side of the peacock i was sitting with the painting "Master of ceremonies..." lying on the floor with the objects used for the ritual on top of the painting. Angelo red out loudly the titles written on the stripes and then the Manifesto of #etinterbro4, he sat down on the peacock. I executed the ritual to conceive Snöfrid’s elixir with Corrado's breast milk and Snöfrid's distillate, and read out loudly the instructions on the painting, while i was executing them. I served Angelo the elixir and was sitting on my knees while serving from now on. After consuming the elixir Angelo choose one of the participants at the time in the great hall, and took the person’s wrist and led this person to me where we executed the ritual and served the elixir, after the person internalized the elixir this person was led by Angelo to the dinning room, where the person was placed at the red dinning table, and had to put on the xenia mask and wait for everyone to arrive. in the end i did completed this part of the ritual by internalizing the elixir myself and following Angelo to the dinning room. 


Detail, Ritual Act of Conjuring Forth Snöfrid 
Oil on canvas, various objects, and applications





> The Rituals of Conjuring Forth, and Internalizing, Snöfrid with Xenia Masks, MC Pontus.