Ritual Three - Act of Consuming Snöfrid. 
2015, Castello Malaspina

Ritual Three - Act of Consuming Snöfrid: 
The Act of Dining the Body of Snöfrid, in the hands of and materialized in to this world by Mirella in the dining hall on the Xenia painting, wearing Xenia masks. The dining hall of the castello was very old and had also throne like chairs and had massive table with space for sixteen persons. the room was hardly decorated. On the table laid the red painting, which served as a table cloth, a pictogram for the third part of the ritual, the dinner. The black and white food was the materialization of Snöfrid to this world, both her inverted "I" and her white "I" and they where blended when internalized in the bodies of the participants. And the participants of the ritual were acting as an extension of the Xenia** motive, wearing the masks, and becoming paintings themselves. Eating Snöfrid. Merging these two worlds together, the reality of the experienced biography and the reality of the other imaginary world and if it was possible to connect them and realize them in to the castello and the participants of the eternal internet brother sister hood.


Detail, Ritual Act of Consuming Snöfrid
Oil on canvas, food and drink, various abojects 





> The Rituals of Conjuring Forth, and Internalizing, Snöfrid with Xenia Masks, MC Pontus.