Ritual One - Act of Preparation at Castello Malaspina.  
2015, Castello Malaspina

Ritual part one - Act of Preparation at the Castello: 
directly when i arrived to the castello i started the preparation of the rituals, that in itself also became like a ritual. Everyday i went down to the grand hall and the dining hall to paint on the paintings that where going to be used. I found dried pinecones and looked at Dante's room for some site-specific inspiration. I asked Corrado's mother if i could use some of her breast milk as part of the ritual. I took some chandeliers and glass bowls  from the castello for the rituals, and the wooden peacock for Angelo to sit in during the ritual. Everyday i met the tourists that where going on tours in the castello, a situation that became familiar to when i showed in other places, when i used the exhibition site as a ritualized studio performative painting act. In front of the visitors i painted on the painting that was lying on the table, i painted flames and pentagons, i painted on the Xenia masks, finishing some small details. i placed the mirrors on the painting, and put all the small crumbles of oil paint and canvas there as part of the ritual. i painted the titles on the long red strips that where cutouts form the table painting. I painted the painting that later will be part of Angelo's portrait "master of ceremonies (Angelo) Conjure forth Snöfrid"* the instruction manual that i also used for the ritual. I placed everything in order. i discussed the menu with Marella, the cook. I explained to her idea of a black and white dinner (the white and the inverted materializations of Snöfrid that through the dinner become one). I asked everyone to dress up.  


Detail, Xenia Masks
Various Sizes
Oil on canvas





> The Rituals of Conjuring Forth, and Internalizing, Snöfrid with Xenia Masks, MC Pontus.