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The Oracle 
88 cm x 68 cm 
Oil on canvas

The Oracle, is a central work in Ylva Ogland's ouvre, and particular among the hyper work, it is a gate between two realities, two imageries, the real world, and the mirror world. Behind the mirror, in the mirror world lives Snöfrid, the mirror twin of artist Ylva Ogland. The Oracle was completed on site, inside the gallery Fruit and Flower Deli, prior to its opening in the Lower East Side, NY, in 2007. The first public event in Fruit and Flower Deli was the release of Snöfrid, with the vast performance manual Snöfrid N°0, which included contributions of many artists, whith whom Ylva Ogland and Snöfrid had a realtion to. The Oracle has ruled the gallery Fruit and Flower Deli since its very foundation, and was present in the actual gallery spaces on Stanton street, and later on on Eldridge Street, when Fruit and Flower Deli was disguised to an optician's shop.  


Detail, The Oracle 
88 cm x 68 cm 
Oil on canvas




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