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Snöfrid Acropolitic Mirror Distillery
ReMap, Bernier Elliades, Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, 2009. 

Snöfrid Acropolitic Mirror Vodka Destillery, Distilling at the roof terrace.

This is my earthly twin sister's attempt to create a meeting point for me and her through the Oracle in presence of the Keeper. Shadow World. Through Shadows. Real. Imaginary. The Inverted Oracle. Depicted. Inverted. Mirrored. Mirror world through reflection. Self Reflection. Mirror Appearance. Mirrors inside mirrors. Depicted Mirrors. Rodrigo Mallea Lira. Glass Windows. Glossy Eyes. Johan Hjerpe. Reflection in jewelry. Reflection in watches. Reflection in glasses. Marina Eliades. Candles. Sugar Bags. Canvas. Brush Strokes. Stretchers. Staples. Oil Colors. Furniture. Thinner. Linseed Oil. Snöfrid at Her Mirrors and in Amethyst. A Globe. Glass Bottles. Brushes. Lamps. Water. Fire. Gas. Distillery. Mirror Vodka. Acropolis Stone. Terrace. Wooden Floor. Decorative Ceiling. Jean Bernier. White Ochre. Wall Colors. Dust. Doors. Tondo Box. Venetian Blinds. Balcony. Stone terrace floor. Marina Fokidis. Tooth Brush. Bathroom. Staircase. Peephole. Burnt. Angelo's Ghosts. Water in the pipes. Electricity. The House. The Site. The Backyard. The Fasade. Air. Inverted World. Positive World. Dimensional World. Burnt World. Everywhere.

Behind the Shadows  – Snöfrid with the Oracle of Fruit and Flower Deli on their Odyssey, 2009. A solo project, Bernier/Eliades at ReMap, Athens, 2009.  


Detail, The Inverted Oracle. 
96,5 cm x 73,7 cm
Oil on canvas





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