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The Birth of Xenia and Diverse Variations of Other Spaces
Installation view, Bonniers Konsthall, 2015. 

The Birth of Xenia 1-30, and Diverse Variations of Other Spaces, is a larger hyper work from 2014-15. It consists of two parts, 1.) Variations of Other Spaces, a large canvas, 10 x 9 m, with adherent applications, such as vrious brush, oil color, etc, and 2.)  The Birth of Xenia 1-30, 30 individual paintings, variations of one motif. The paintigs are placed on 30 easels, grey painted and sooted. 

The Birth of Xenia 1 - 30, in numerical order according to the variations. 

The Birth of Xenia, 1 - 30. 
2014 - 2015
125 x 88 cm (each individual painting) 
Oil on canvas





> Diverse Variations of Other Spaces.